We recognize now, as in the past, that in order to grow both spiritually and numerically, a congregation must reach out to others and make its contribution in a variety of ways to the greater community. Not only must we provide a warm welcome and an inspirational service of worship, we must also, as a congregation, be a living presence of Christ’s example throughout the week.

In 2004, the Communication & Special Events (CASE) Committee was formed for the purpose of building a bridge of friendship and service with the Tyndale St-Georges community. This has led to a two way relationship. Not only do they feel comfortable and enjoy joining with us in our special church services and activities; they have also developed a love for our church and its people.

The four annual outreach events at MWPC include:  the Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. Jazz Gospel Service and Dinner; the Spring Friendship Service and Luncheon; the Fall BBQ and Corn Roast; and the White Gift Sunday and Luncheon.

The CASE Committee consists of:

  • • Ruth Darling (Convenor)
  • • Theo Anyam
  • • Margaret Brass
  • • Janet Dimock
  • • Jean McGilton
  • • Zipper Scriver
  • • Jules Temoh